Beer Gardens

The Optimal Outdoor Gathering Place

We will partner with your organization to host a beer festival in your community. We’ll build the festival plan through a collaborative effort with your staff. The combination of our experience and model coupled with skills and assets of your organization will ensure BrewFest Success™

  • Popular in Europe for more than 200 years, public Outdoor Beer Gardens are the next hottest concept to hit the US market. They allow your patrons and their families to enjoy a relaxed social setting in a very safe post- COVID environment. Consumers are looking to escape to a stress-free environment to enjoy the company of their friends and family.  Often dog friendly, everyone is welcome to enjoy the Beer Garden.
  • We have the depth of experience and knowledge to assist you in planning a unique and spectacular Beer Garden experience both
  • Pop-up/Temporary
    • The Pop-up Beer Gardens are successful because they are unique, timely, simple and free for people of all ages.
  • Permanent
    • Establishing a permanent, seasonal Beer Garden is an excellent way to create excitement at an existing venue and bring in crowds


We have experience in helping our clients successfully identify and develop event opportunities

  • Beer Festivals
  • Beer Gardens
  • Food and Food Truck Events
  • Street Festivals
  • Spirit Events
  • Fundraising
  • Music Festivals